OOHRPBC07 (Posting Date for Payroll Simulation)
OOHRPBC08 (Retroactive Acctg by Cmmt Processor)
OOHRPBC09 (General Settings)
OOHRPBC_BCS (Original Budget Creation BCS)
OOHRPBC_FBS (Original Budget Creation FBS)
OOHRPPBC_ADT0 (Switch for Main/Sub-Group)
OOIF (HR: Switch for IBAN Functionality)
OOIL (Integration Cost Allocation)
OOIO (Initialization Object Type)
OOIT (Infotypes)
OOIV (Initial Business Event/Resource Type)
OOKA (Incompatible Attendances/Absences)
OOKB (Cost/Price Determination)
OOKF (Cost Center Determination)
OOKO (Resources and Authorities)
OOKP (Cost Planning)
OOKR (Fee Handling)
OOKU (Correspondence User Groups)
OOKV (Conflict Reaction)
OOKY (Set up Current Year for YEA Korea)
OOLA (List Entry)
OOLB (Wage Elements)
OOLC (Create Business Event Location)
OOLE (Current Settings)
OOLG (Language Sequence in Pers. Planning)
OOLW (Workflow connection - Ctry Reassign.)
OOMA (Mail Connection)
OOMD (HR Search Function)
OOME (Define Lunch Times)
OOMG (Control Elements Materials Mgmt)
OOML (Room Administration Mail Connection)
OOMM (Integration Materials Management)
OOMP (Organization Elements Materials Mgmt)
OOMS (Toolboxes)
OOMT (Actions)

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