Transactions starting with USM

USMD_ACTIVE_DATAMOD (Display Active Data Model)
USMD_DIS_PACKAGE (Maintain Master Data Packages)
USMD_DIS_SERVICE (Define Replication Services)
USMD_DIS_SYSTEMS (Assign Systems to MD Packages)
USMD_OOCU (Task Customizing)
USMD_RULE (Validations and Derivations)
USMD_SSW_RULE (Process Definition of RBWF)
USMD_TCT_FIN_MDM_ACC (Display Financial MDM Test Catalog)
USMD_TRANSPORT_TRVAR (Transport Data Transfer Variants)
USMD_UI_CONF_EDIT (Edit UI Configuration)
USMDA4_MAINTAIN_VC (Maintain Processor Assignment CR Pro)
USMM (Customer Measurement)

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