Transactions starting with UDM

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UDM_AUTOWRITEOFF (Automatic Write-Off of Dispute Cases)
UDM_BP (Collections Mgt Business Partner)
UDM_BP_GRP (Change Business Partner Segment Data)
UDM_BP_PROF (Assign/Change BP Collection Profile)
UDM_BP_SPEC (Replace Collection Specialist)
UDM_CASE_CREATE (Create Dispute Case)
UDM_CASE_DETAIL (Details of Dispute Case)
UDM_CASE_PROCESSOR (Dispute Case Regular Processor)
UDM_CUSTOMIZING (Dispute Management Customizing)
UDM_DISPUTE (Dispute Management)
UDM_GEN_FI_MEMORY (Build Buffer for Invoice Data)
UDM_GENWL (Create Worklist)
UDM_GENWL_BP (Recreate Business Partner Items)
UDM_GOS_ATTCH_DISP (Display GOS Attachment List)
UDM_GROUP (Definition of Groups and Assignment)
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