Transactions starting with QIS

QISR (Internal Service Request)
QISR_BCK (ISR: Popup for Editing in the Portal)
QISR_PCR60 (vc_scenario for Message type 60(PCR))
QISR_SM29 (ISR Customizing: Table Transfer)
QISR_SR12_START (Suggestion System)
QISR1 (Internal Service Request - Forms)
QISRCONF (ISR Wizard Initial Screen)
QISRLIST (ISR Wizard: List of Scenarios)
QISRSCENARIO (Customizing Szenario)
QISRSCENARIO_OVS (ISR Scenario - Extended Search Help)
QISRTRANSPORT (ISR Customizing Transport)
QISRW (Internal Service Request on the Web)

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