Transactions starting with OQN

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OQN0 (Maintain notification types)
OQN2 (Maint. status prof. for Q-notif.type)
OQN3 (Maint. prio. types for notif. types)
OQN5 (Maintain catalogs for notif. types)
OQN6 (Maintain cat. profile for Q-notific.)
OQN7 (Start values - notification)
OQNAOB (Fld Selectn Multilvl List:Assnd Obj.)
OQNC (Set field selection for notif. list)
OQND (Set field selection for task list)
OQNE (Set field selection for item list)
OQNF (Variant: Work list activities)
OQNL (Field selec. multi-lvl list - notif.)
OQNM (Field selec. mul.lev. list - partner)
OQNN (Field selec. mul.level list - item)
OQNO (Field selec. multi-lvl list - activ.)
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