Transactions starting with OQI

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OQI3 (Storage Data Maintenance)
OQI4 (Customize Lot Selection for QA32/33)
OQI5 (List of control charts for insp. lot)
OQI6 (List of control charts for task list)
OQI7 (Results Recording Worklist: New)
OQI8 (Work list variant automatic UD)
OQI9 (Cntrl chart lists for master charac.)
OQIA (Maintain variant: Q-level evaluation)
OQIC (Work list variant for results rec.)
OQID (Order maint. variant for material)
OQIE (Usage var. for QM order in material)
OQIF (Customize Lot Selection for QVM1)
OQIG (Customize Lot Selection for QVM2)
OQIH (Customize Lot Selection for QVM3)
OQII (Customize Lot Selection for QA16)
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