Transactions starting with OOW

OOW1 (Classification of Task Complexes)
OOW2 (Substitute Profile)
OOW3 (Substitute Profile: Class. Assignmnt)
OOW4 (Workflow/Org.Mgmt Prefix Numbers)
OOWB (TEM-ESS : Standard values)
OOWFAC (Activate Workflow Event Linkage)
OOWIZ1 (Wizard: Cost Transfer Posting)
OOWIZ2 (Wizard: Activity Allocation)
OOWIZ3 (Wizard: Billing)
OOWIZ4 (Wizard Customizing Correspondence)
OOWIZ41 (Form Wizard)
OOWIZ42 (Text Variable Wizard)
OOWIZ43 (Notification Abbreviation Wizard)
OOWIZ5 (Wizard: Cost Transfer Posting)

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