Transactions starting with OOH

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OOHAP_BASIC (Basic Appraisal Template Settings)
OOHAP_CAT_GROUP (Category Group Settings)
OOHAP_CATEGORY (Appraisal Category Settings)
OOHAP_VALUE_TYPE (Standard Value Lists)
OOHCP_MODIFY (Change Customizing Headcount Plng)
OOHCP_SHOW (Display Customizing Headcount Plng)
OOHCP1 (Basic Settings Pers. Cost Planning)
OOHCP2 (Data Collection Settings PersCostPl.)
OOHCP3 (Planning Run Settings PersCostPl.)
OOHCP4 (Detail Planning Settings PersCostPl.)
OOHCP5 (Posting Settings Pers. Cost Planning)
OOHP (Set Up PD - PA Integration)
OOHQ (Integration: PLOG - PREL)
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