Transactions starting with OOE

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OOEC (Change Development Plan Catalog)
OOECM_AD (Administration Control Parameters)
OOECM_BD (Budgeting Control Parameters)
OOECM_JP (ECM Switches for Job Pricing)
OOECM_MAIN (ECM Activation Switch)
OOEE (Settings for Development Plans)
OOEF (Firmly Book/Cancel)
OOEG (Create Business Event Group)
OOEP (Set Suitability Areas)
OOER (Create External Instructor)
OOES (Restrictions)
OOET (Create Business Event Type)
OOEV (Attendees: Booking Checks)
OOEW (Booking Priorities)
OOEX (Print Shift Plan w/Microsoft Excel)
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