Transactions starting with OOC

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OOC3 (PD-TEM: Master Data Catalog)
OOCA (Activity Types)
OOCB (Customer Enhancement for Master Data)
OOCC (Cost Center of Cost Object)
OOCDIST (Integration with Cost Distribution)
OOCDOC_CUST (Activate Change Documents)
OOCE (Organizational Elements)
OOCH (Consistency Check)
OOCINH (Inheritance of Contr. Area in Pos.)
OOCK (Integ. Cost Plng Cost Accounting)
OOCM (Compensation Management Settings)
OOCM_AD (Compensation Administration Settings)
OOCM_CR (Calculation of Compa Ratio)
OOCM_JP (Job pricing parameter)
OOCM_SS (Participation in Salary Survey)
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