Transactions starting with OIY

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OIY1 (C PM Transport Table Settings)
OIY2 (C PM TableSettngs MaintPlanning 2.1A)
OIY3 (C PM PrelimTabSettngs PM Notifs 2.1A)
OIY4 (C PM PrelimTabSettngs PM Orders 2.1A)
OIY5 (C PM TableSettngs ObjectNtwrkng 2.1A)
OIY6 (PM PrelimTabSettngs Master Data 2.1A)
OIY9 (Scheduling Overview)
OIYC (Equipment list)
OIYG (Confirmations list for PM operations)
OIYH (Serial number list)
OIYJ (Object Links - Objects (EQ))
OIYL (Detail Info (Order Operation))
OIYM (Details (Order Header))
OIYP (Multi-Level Order List - Partners)
OIYQ (Multi-Level Order List - Operation)
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