Transactions starting with OIR

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OIR0 (Task lists (multi-lvl)- Test eqpmt)
OIR1 (FieldSel. PartnType Customer)
OIR2 (FieldSel. PartnType Vendor)
OIR3 (FieldSel. PartnType Personnel No.)
OIR4 (FieldSel. PartnType Contact Person)
OIR5 (FieldSel. PartnType OrganiznUnit)
OIR6 (FieldSel. PartnType Position)
OIR7 (FieldSel. PartnType User)
OIR8 (Field Selection for General Address)
OIRA (Field selectn serial no. RefurbOrder)
OIRB (PM Object Contracts)
OIRC (Multi-Level EquipList - Permit)
OIRE (Field Sel. Serial No. Product. Order)
OIRE0 (Field Sel. Serial No. Handling Unit)
OIRE1 (Field Selection Serial No. Inventory)
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