Transactions starting with OIL

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OIL0 (Number Ranges: FunctLoc.Task Lists)
OIL1 (Task List Status)
OIL2 (Standard Task List Usage)
OIL3 (Planner Group)
OIL4 (Task List Number Ranges)
OIL5 (Equipment number ranges)
OIL6 (Operation Default Value Profiles)
OIL7 (Operation Control Keys)
OIL8 (Standard Text)
OILA (Wage groups)
OILB (Qualification Type)
OILC (Object Overviews Gen.Task Lists)
OILD (Object Overview Equip.Task List)
OILE (Object Overviews FunctLoc Task Lists)
OILG (Standard Task List Matchcode)
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