Transactions starting with OID

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OID1 (Shop Papers)
OID2 (Shop Papers by Document Type)
OID3 (User-Specific Print Control)
OID4 (Activate Print Diversion)
OID5 (Print Diversion Values)
OID6 (Print Control Online/Update)
OID7 (Determine Printing Time for Papers)
OID8 (PM Shop Papers for Orders)
OIDA (PM Shop Papers for Notifications)
OIDB (PM Shop Papers by Notification Type)
OIDC (PM Notifs - User-SpecifPrintControl)
OIDD (PM Print Diversion for NotifPapers)
OIDE (PM NotifPrintDivers. by FldContent)
OIDF (PM Shop Papers for Orders)
OIDG (PM Shop Papers by Order Type)
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