Transactions starting with MSR

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MSR_CRD (RRD for Customer Returns)
MSR_INSP_DISPLAY (Display Inspection Results)
MSR_INSP_SFAC (Field Selection Insp. Char. Values)
MSR_INSPV (Enter Material Insp. by Vendors)
MSR_INSPWH (Enter Material Insp. in Warehouse)
MSR_IRD (RRD for Internal Returns)
MSR_PLNCHK (Approval check related plants)
MSR_RETURNS_REASON (MSR: Returns Reason Codes)
MSR_RETURNS_REFUND (MSR: Returns Refund Codes)
MSR_RRCDEF_CRD (MSR: View for Returns Refund Code)
MSR_RRCDEF_CUS (MSR: View for Returns Refund Code)
MSR_RRCDEF_IRD (MSR: View for Returns Refund Code)
MSR_SELECT (MSR: Maintain Selection Criteria)
MSR_SFAC (Field Selection MSR)
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