Transactions starting with MDM

MDM_CLNT_EXTR (Local Extraction)
MDM_FSBP_TEST (Tests MDM Scenarios for FSBP)
MDM1 (Mail To Vendor)
MDM2 (Mail to Vendor)
MDM3 (Mail to Customer)
MDM4 (Mail to MRP Controller)
MDM5 (Workflow: Mail to MRP Controller)
MDMC (Send Customers (MDM))
MDMGX (MDM Generic Extraction Framework)
MDMGXC0 (Transaction for MDMGXC0)
MDMGXC1 (Transaction for MDMGXC1)
MDMGXC2 (Transaction for MDMGXC2)
MDMGXMOBJ (Maintain Object Types)
MDML (Calculation of Multilevel Delay)
MDMV (Send Vendors (MDM))

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