Transactions starting with MCX

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MCX1 (QMIS: Create Evaluation)
MCX2 (QMIS: Change Evaluation)
MCX3 (QMIS: Display Evaluation)
MCX4 (QMIS: Execute Evaluation)
MCX7 (QIS: Create Evaluation Structure)
MCX8 (QIS: Change Evaluation Structure)
MCX9 (QIS: display evaluation structure)
MCXA (QMIS: Material Analysis-Lot Overview)
MCXB (QMIS: General Results for Material)
MCXC (QMIS: Matl Analysis - Qty Overview)
MCXD (QMIS: Quant. Results for Material)
MCXE (QMIS: Matl Analysis - Quality Score)
MCXG (QMIS: Matl Analysis - Lot Numbers)
MCXI (QMIS: Material Analysis - Quantities)
MCXK (QMIS: Material Analysis - Effort)
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