Transactions starting with MCW

MCW_AA (IMG Retail)
MCW_AA_APP (Maintain Analytical Applications)
MCW_AA_METH (Maint. Methods for Analytical Apps)
MCW_AA_QUERY (Maint. Queries for Analytical Apps)
MCW_AA_TEST (Test Remote Execution of Queries)
MCW1 (PURCHIS: Evaluate Payment Header)
MCW2 (PURCHIS: Evaluate Payment Item)
MCW3 (PURCHIS: Evaluate VBD Header)
MCW4 (PURCHIS: Evaluate VBD Item)
MCW5 (Payment: Simulate Updating)
MCW6 (LIS Setup for Agency Documents)
MCWIS (FK Simulation Inventory Document)
MCWRP (FK Simulation Invoice Document)

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