Transactions starting with MCT

MCT0 (Initial SIS Screen)
MCT1 (Standard SDIS Analyses)
MCT2 (Initial SIS Screen)
MCTA (SIS: Customer Analysis - Selection)
MCTC (SIS: Material Analysis - Selection)
MCTE (SIS: Sales Org. Analysis - Selection)
MCTG (SIS: Sales Office Analysis Selection)
MCTI (SIS: Sales Empl. Analysis Selection)
MCTK (SIS: Shipping Pt. Analysis Selection)
MCTV01 (SIS: Sales Activity - Selection)
MCTV02 (SIS: Sales Promotions - Selection)
MCTV03 (SIS: Address List - Selection)
MCTV04 (SIS: Address Counter - Selection)
MCTV05 (SIS: Customer Potential Analysis)

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