Transactions starting with MCS

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MCS/ (Mass Generation: Info Struct./Update)
MCS& (Info Structure Data: Reload Archive)
MCS% (Info Structure Data: Manage Archive)
MCS= (Info Structure Data: Create Archive)
MCS$ (Info Structure Data: Process Archive)
MCS1 (Standard Analyses; General Logistics)
MCS2 (Routine LIS Settings)
MCS3 (Routine SIS Settings)
MCS4 (Routine INVCO Settings)
MCS5 (Routine PURCHIS Settings)
MCS6 (Routine PPIS Settings)
MCS7 (SIS: Create Evaluation Structure)
MCS8 (SIS: Change Evaluation Structure)
MCS9 (SIS: Display Evalaution Structure)
MCSA (SIS: Create Evaluation)
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