Transactions starting with MCR

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MCR: (Std Analyses: User Settings, CALL)
MCR1 (SFIS: Create Evaluation)
MCR2 (SFIS: Change Evaluation)
MCR3 (SFIS: Display Evaluation)
MCR4 (SFIS: Execute Evaluation)
MCR7 (SFIS: Create Evaluation Structure)
MCR8 (SFIS: Change Evaluation Structure)
MCR9 (SFIS: Display Evaluation Structure)
MCRA (LIS Layout Reports)
MCRB (LIS: Generate Evaluations)
MCRC (Charact. Texts for Eval. Structures)
MCRE (Material Usage Analysis: Selection)
MCRG (Change Settings: PPIS)
MCRH (Display Settings: PPIS)
MCRI (Product Cost Analysis: Selection)
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