Transactions starting with MCH

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MCH_ (Activate IS-R Enhancement for RIS)
MCH: (RIS: STRPS/Mvmts + Stock - Selection)
MCH+ (RIS: Display Evaluation Structure)
MCH0 (Retail Information System)
MCH01 (Mass Maintenance of Maint. Plans)
MCH02 (Log of Mass Changes)
MCH03 (Delete Variant)
MCH1 (RIS: Execute Evaluation)
MCH2 (RIS: Create Evaluation)
MCH3 (RIS: Change Evaluation)
MCH4 (RIS: Display Evaluation)
MCH6 (Update Maintenance: RIS)
MCH7 (RIS: Update Diagnosis, SP Change Doc)
MCH8 (RIS: Perishables - Selection)
MCH9 (RIS: Inventory Controlling - Stores)
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