Transactions starting with MCE

MCE+ (PURCHIS: Reporting - Subseq. Settlmt)
MCE0 (Purchasing Information System)
MCE1 (PURCHIS: PurchGrp Analysis Selection)
MCE2 (PURCHIS: Update Diagnosis Purch.Doc.)
MCE3 (PURCHIS: Vendor Analysis Selection)
MCE5 (PURCHIS: MatGrp Analysis Selection)
MCE7 (PURCHIS: Material Analysis Selection)
MCE8 (PURCHIS: Service Analysis Selection)
MCE9 (Purchasing Information System)
MCEA (PURCHIS:Long-Term Plg Vend.Analysis)
MCEB (PURCHIS:Lng-Term Plg Mat.Gr.Analysis)
MCEC (PURCHIS:Long-Term Plg Mat. Analysis)
MCER (PURCHIS: Service Purch.Qty-Selection)
MCES (PURCHIS: Service Purch.Val-Selection)

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