Transactions starting with MCA

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MCA1 ()
MCA7 (INVCO: Execute Evaluation)
MCAA (WFIS: Maintain Requirements)
MCAB (WFIS: Display Requirements)
MCAC (WFIS: Maintain Formulas)
MCAD (WFIS: Display Formulas)
MCAE (WFIS: Activate Updating)
MCAF (WFIS: Standard Analyses)
MCAG (WFIS: Customizing, Standard Analyses)
MCAH (WFIS: Organization View - Selection)
MCAI (WFIS: Process View - Selection)
MCAJ (WFIS: Object View - Selection)
MCAK (WFIS: Group View - Selection)
MCAL (WFIS: Sample Scenario - Selection)
MCAM (WFIS: Append Structure)
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