Transactions starting with MC9

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MC90 (Tsfr.to Dm.Mgmt.: Mat.from any IS)
MC91 (Initial Graphic: Product Groups)
MC92 (Initial: Product Groups, Hierarchies)
MC93 (Create Flexible LIS Planning)
MC94 (Change Flexible LIS Planning)
MC95 (Display Flexible LIS Planning)
MC96 (Maintain Table 440P)
MC97 (Number Range Maintenance: MC_SAUF)
MC98 (Maintain Planning Objects)
MC99 (Display Planning Objects)
MC9A (Flexible Planning: Gen. Master Data)
MC9B (Calc. Proportions as in Pl.Hierarchy)
MC9C (Reports for Flexible Planning)
MC9D (Maintain Copy Profiles)
MC9E (Info Structure: Add to General Char.)
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