Transactions starting with KEO

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KEO1 (Create Enterprise Organization)
KEO2 (Change Enterprise Organization)
KEO3 (Display Enterprise Organization)
KEOA1 (Activate Cost Centers)
KEOA2 (Activate Profit Centers)
KEOA3 (Activate Processes)
KEOAP2 (Change Altern. Profit Center Struct.)
KEOAP3 (Display Alter. Profit Center Struct.)
KEOC1 (Settings for EntOrg Cost Centers)
KEOC2 (Settings for EntOrg Profit Center)
KEOC2AP (Altern. Profit Center Struct. Active)
KEOD1 (Reset Inactive Cost Centers)
KEOD2 (Reset Inactive Profit Centers)
KEOD3 (Reset Inactive Business Process)
KEOG1 (Generate Standard Hierarchy)
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