Transactions starting with KEA

KEA0 (CO-PA: Maintain Operating Concern)
KEA0O (CO-PA: Maintain Operating Concern)
KEA5 (Maintain Characteristics)
KEA6 (Edit Value Fields)
KEAD01 (Assign Account to Value Field)
KEAE (Generate Proc. Template Environment)
KEAF (Value Field Analysis)
KEAI (Value Flow FI -> SD / CO -> CO-PA)
KEAL (Change Allocation IAA Result)
KEAN (CO-PA Data Analysis)
KEAS (Selection Characteristics CO-PA/ABC)
KEAT (Reconcile CO-PA <-> SD <-> FI)
KEAU (Change Allocation Assessment Result)
KEAV (Valuation)
KEAW (Reconciliation Make-to-Order Prod.)

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