Transactions starting with KE5

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KE50 ()
KE51 (Create Profit Center)
KE52 (Change Profit Center)
KE53 (Display Profit Center)
KE54 (Delete Profit Centers)
KE55 (Mass Maintenance PrCtr Master Data)
KE56 (EC-PCA: Mass Maintenance CCode Assgt)
KE57 (EC-PCA: Mass Maintenance CCode Assgt)
KE59 (EC-PCA: Create Dummy Profit Center)
KE5A (EC-PCA: Call up report)
KE5B (EC-PCA: Copy Balance Sheet Acct Grps)
KE5C (EC-PCA: Account Master Data (CO/FI))
KE5T (Compare G/L Accounts FI <-> EC-PCA)
KE5U (Compare and Reconcile G/L Accounts)
KE5X (Profit Center: Master Data Index)
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