Transactions starting with EDX

EDX_BALANCING (EDX: Message Comparison)
EDX_DEL (EDX: Delete Messages (Test))
EDX_DUMP (EDX: Save Messages with Errors)
EDX_LINK (EDX: Link Document to Attachments)
EDX_LIST (EDX: Message Overview)
EDX_POLL (EDX: Polling List Web Dynpro)
EDX_PULL (EDX: Pulling Batch Program)
EDX_READ_FILES (EDX: Read Messages From File System)
EDX_RESET (EDX: Reset Message Status)
EDX_RESET_PARK (EDX: Update Messages stat. EDX_PARK)
EDX_RUN (EDX: Perform processing all messages)
EDX_SEND (EDX: Send Messages)
EDX_TRACE (EDX: Display Trace Messages)

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