Transactions starting with CFC

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CFC01 (cFolders Backend Integr. Customizing)
CFC02 (Mapping of Attributes)
CFC1 (Maintain Operating Mode ADC)
CFC2 (Customizing Parameters)
CFC3 (CIF: Initial Transfer for Block Size)
CFC4 (Maintenance of Object Infos)
CFC6 (Configuration of CIF Application Log)
CFC7 (RFC Destination Maintenance)
CFC8 (Number Range Parallelization)
CFC9 (Target-System-Ind. Settings in CIF)
CFC91 (Activate/Deactivate bgRFC for CIF)
CFCAO (Customizing: Application object)
CFCP (PRT: Copy C-Tables)
CFCS (Clarification worklist - Customizing)
CFCSS (CFC: Maintain status information)
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