Transactions starting with AO9

AO90 (Account assignmt Acquisitions)
AO90_OLD (Account assignmt Acquisitions)
AO91 (Specify field group authorization)
AO92 (Logical field groups)
AO93 (Ord. Depreciation Acct Assignment)
AO94 (Special Depreciation Acct Assignment)
AO95 (Acct. assgnmt. Unplanned deprec.)
AO96 (Acct. assgnmt. Transfer of reserves)
AO97 (Acct. assgnmt. Reval. of deprec.)
AO98 (Acct. assignment Interest)
AO99 (Acct. assgnmt. Derived dep. areas)
AO99_OLD (Acct. assgnmt. Derived dep. areas)

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