Transactions starting with 2KE

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2KE0 (PrCtr: Field usage assessment)
2KE1 (PrCtr: Data control assessment)
2KE2 (PrCtr: Field group definition)
2KE3 (PrCtr: Field group texts)
2KE4 (PrCtr: Field usage distribution)
2KE5 (PrCtr: Data control distribution)
2KE6 (PrCtr: Field usage assessment)
2KE7 (PrCtr: Data control assessment)
2KE8 (PrCtr: Field group definition)
2KE9 (PrCtr: Field group texts)
2KEA (PrCtr: Field usage distribution)
2KEB (PrCtr: Data control distribution)
2KEE (Profit Center: Totals Records)
2KEL (EC-PCA: Display Profit Center Doc.)
2KEM (EC-PCA: Account Valuation Variances)
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