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Popular entries

FGI4 (Create Form)
FGI5 (Change Form)
FGI6 (Display Form)
FGIB (Background Processing)
FGIC (Maintain Currency Translation Type)
FGIK (Maintain Key Figures)
FGIM (Report Monitor)
FGIO (Transport Reports)
FGIP (Transport Forms)
FGIQ (Import Reports from Client 000)
FGIR (Import Forms from Client 000)
FGIT (Translation Tool - Drilldown Report.)
FGIV (Maintain Global Variable)
FGIX (Reorganize Drilldown Reports)
FGIY (Reorganize Report Data)
FGIZ (Reorganize Forms)
FGL6 (IRE: One Time Posting - Gen. Contr)
FGM0 (Special Purpose Ledger Menu)
FGRP (Report Painter)
FGRW (Report Writer Menu)
FGSODN_IT1 (Number range maintenance: FIN2_IT)
FI01 (Create Bank)
FI02 (Change Bank)
FI03 (Display Bank)
FI04 (Display Bank Changes)
FI06 (Set Flag to Delete Bank)
FI07 (Change Current Number Range Number)
FI08 (Distribution of the Bank Master Data)
FI09 (Distribution of IBANs)
FI12 (Change House Banks/Bank Accounts)
FI12CORE (Change House Banks/Bank Accounts)
FI12_OLD (Change House Banks/Bank Accounts)
FI13 (Display House Banks/Bank Accounts)
FI13_OLD (Display House Banks/Bank Accounts)
FIAAHELP (FI-AA Utility Programs)

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