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/BEV2/91000057 (Maintain Print Format Items)
/BEV2/91000058 (Excise Duty Print Formats)
/BEV2/91000059 (Replace Stock Ledger Groups)
/BEV2/91000060 (Properties of Stock Ledger Groups)
/BEV2/91000061 (Define Stock Ledger Groups)
/BEV2/91000062 (Obsolete: Do Not Use)
/BEV2/91000063 (Excise Duty - Print Control)
/BEV2/91000064 (Excise Duty - Text Modules)
/BEV2/91000065 (Maintain tax rates)
/BEV2/91000066 (Excise Duty - Program Control)
/BEV2/91000067 (ED Form Substitution (SAP Script))
/BEV2/91000068 (ED Database Access Optimization)
/BEV2/91000069 (Exise Duty Error Message)
/BEV2/91000070 (Excise Duty Report Threshold)
/BEV2/91000160 (Obsolete: Do Not Use)
/BEV2/91000161 (Obsolete: Do Not Use)
/BEV2/91000185 (ED Form Substitution (SmartForms))
/BEV2/91000195 (List Types for Archiving)
/BEV2/91000196 (ED Archiving Parameter)
/BEV2/91000198 (Define Special Partner Types)
/BEV2/91000199 (Special Partner Types for GR)
/BEV2/91000200 (Special Partner Types for Vendors)
/BEV2/91000201 (Special Partner Types for Cust.Group)
/BEV2/91000202 (EU: Affiliated Non-EU Countries)
/BEV2/CS_EMCS_NO (Maintain Number Range: /BEV2/EMCS)
/BEV2/CS_REG_CON_CER (Certificates for Temporary Consignee)
/BEV2/ED (IS Beverage: Excise Duty)
/BEV2/ED00 (IS Beverage Area Menu ED)
/BEV2/EDAC (Year-end closing)
/BEV2/EDARCMDRELOAD (Reload Documents)
/BEV2/EDARCMDSAVE (Excise Duty: Archive Documents)
/BEV2/EDB1 (Production Shrinkage (Theoret.) List)
/BEV2/EDB2 (Production Shrinkage (Actual) List)
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