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/BEV2/01000033 ()
/BEV2/01000034 ()
/BEV2/01002113 ()
/BEV2/85000021 ()
/BEV2/85000022 ()
/BEV2/85000023 ()
/BEV2/85000024 ()
/BEV2/85000025 ()
/BEV2/85000026 ()
/BEV2/85000027 ()
/BEV2/85000028 ()
/BEV2/85000041 ()
/BEV2/91000033 (Basic Settings for Excise Duty)
/BEV2/91000034 (Maintain Tax Types)
/BEV2/91000036 (Maintain Tax-Dep. Material Groups)
/BEV2/91000037 (Maintain Tax-Indep. Material Groups)
/BEV2/91000038 (Maintain Procurement Types f. Schema)
/BEV2/91000039 (Maintain Procurement Types Schema)
/BEV2/91000040 (Maintain Additional Issues)
/BEV2/91000041 (Maintain Title Rows of Tax Warehouse)
/BEV2/91000042 (Assign Storage Loc. to Tax Warehouse)
/BEV2/91000043 (Maintain payroll units)
/BEV2/91000044 (Define Tax Warehouse)
/BEV2/91000045 (Define Actual Shrinkage)
/BEV2/91000046 (Define Theoretical Shrinkage)
/BEV2/91000047 (Maint. Warehse Shrink. Rate - St.Loc)
/BEV2/91000048 (Maint. Warehse Shrink. Rate - St.Typ)
/BEV2/91000049 (Storage Types for Shrinkage Rate)
/BEV2/91000050 (Def. of Entries to Post Subsequently)
/BEV2/91000051 (Mvt Cat for Mvt Type + Cost Center)
/BEV2/91000052 (Special Partner Type per Cust. Group)
/BEV2/91000053 (Mvmnt Category per Mvmnt Type)
/BEV2/91000054 (Excise Duty Movement Categories)
/BEV2/91000055 (Procurement Types per Block Schema)
/BEV2/91000056 (Procurement Types Block Schema)
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