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FDM_CUST16 (Maintain Relevant Fields)
FDM_CUST17 (Harmonize Dunning Levels)
FDM_CUST18 (Automatic Change of Document Fields)
FDM_CUST20 (Cust.-Disp. Objects in Dispute Cases)
FDM_CUST22 (CCM Special G/L Indicators)
FDM_CUST23 (CCM Reason Codes)
FDM_CUST24 (Customizing in Substitute System)
FDM_CUST25 (Cost Center when Writing Off)
FDM_CUSTOMIZING (FSCM-DM Process Integration)
FDM_INV_MEM (Provision of Invoice Data)
FDM_JUDGE (Valuation of Promise to Pay)
FDM_LDDB_DISP (Display of Changes to Documents)
FDM_LDDB_EXEC (Execute Changes to Documents)
FDM_LDDB_REORG (Reorganization of Changes)
FDM_MIRR_CLIENTSETUP (Set Up Substitute System)
FDM_MIRR_CMD_GET01 (Transfer of Customer Master Data)
FDM_MIRR_CMD_GET03 (List of Customers Transferred)
FDM_MIRR_DOC_GET01 (Transfer of Document Data)
FDM_MIRR_DOC_GET03 (List for Transfer of Document Data)
FDM_MIRR_DOC_POST01 (Posting of Substitute Documents)
FDM_MIRR_WIZARD (Wizard: CoCd in Substitute System)
FDM_P2P_CONFIRM (Confirmation of Promise to Pay)
FDM_PROCESS_PROPOSAL (Processing of Assignment Proposal)
FDM_SAVE (Save Case during CALL DIALOG)
FDOO (Borrower's notes order overview)
FDTA (TemSe/REGUT Data Administration)
FDTT (Treasury Data Medium Administration)
FDT_DEPLOYMENT_LOG (Display BRFplus deployment logs)
FDT_HELPERS (BRFplus Helper Reports/Transactions)
FDT_LEAN_TRACE (Transaction to generate lean trace)
FDT_PROCESS_LOG (Display BRFplus process logs)
FDT_RESERVED (Reserved ID Patterns)
FDT_SHOW_DB (BRFplus - Show Object DB Entries)
FDT_TEST_SUITE (Profile-Based Test Execution)
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