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/BCV/MEANING (Define Meanings)
/BCV/MIGRATION (Data migration from PCV to BCV)
/BCV/QCACHE (Maintain Query Cache)
/BCV/QCACHE_DELETE (Delete query cache)
/BCV/QDISPATCHER (Maintain Query Dispatcher Settings)
/BCV/QSTAT (Display BCV Query Statistics)
/BCV/QUERY (Define BCV Queries)
/BCV/SINC (Define Search Connectors)
/BCV/SSHOTS (Define Snapshot Parameter)
/BCV/SSTAT (Display Search Connector Statistics)
/BCV/TEST_SEARCHCON (Search Connector Test)
/BCV/UDASH (Define Dashboards)
/BCV/UGRP (Define Query View Hierarchies)
/BCV/UPRINT (Define Printing Parameters)
/BCV/UPRVW (Define Overviews)
/BCV/UQVIEW (Define Query Views)
/BDL/SDCC (Service Data Control Center)
/BEV1/01002508 ()
/BEV1/10000557 ()
/BEV1/10000796 ()
/BEV1/91000075 ()
/BEV1/91000082 (Material Sorting 1)
/BEV1/91000083 (Material Sorting 2)
/BEV1/91000084 (Material Sorting 3)
/BEV1/91000085 (Material Sorting 4)
/BEV1/91000086 (Material Sorting 5)
/BEV1/91000098 (Billing Types w/o Empties Update)
/BEV1/91000099 (Valid Empties Fields)
/BEV1/91000100 (Partner Role in Empties)
/BEV1/91000101 (Empties Material Types)
/BEV1/91000102 (Empties Item Categories)
/BEV1/91000103 (Manage Empties Groups)
/BEV1/91000104 (Empties Formulas)
/BEV1/91000105 (Empties material)
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