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/BA1/F4_IR_02 (Edit Reference Interest Rates)
/BA1/F4_IR_03 (Display Reference Interest Rates)
/BA1/F4_MD0001 (Market Data: Applications)
/BA1/F4_MD0002 (Market Data: Field Groups)
/BA1/F4_MD0003 (Market Data: Views)
/BA1/F4_MD0004 (Market Data: Sections)
/BA1/F4_MD0005 (Market Data: Screens)
/BA1/F4_MD0006 (Market Data: Screen Sequences)
/BA1/F4_MD0007 (Market Data: Events)
/BA1/F4_MD0008 (Market Data: GUI Standard Functions)
/BA1/F4_MD0009 (Market Data GUI Additional Functions)
/BA1/F4_MD0011 (Market Data: Assign Screen->DB Field)
/BA1/F4_MD0012 (Market Data: Field Modif. Criteria)
/BA1/F4_MD0013 (Market Data: Product Categories)
/BA1/F4_MD0015 (Market Data: Application Transaction)
/BA1/F4_MD0016 (Market Data: Tables)
/BA1/F4_MD0018 (Market Data: Activities)
/BA1/F4_MD0019 (Market Data: Fld Modif. Per Activity)
/BA1/F4_MD0023 (Data Sets)
/BA1/F4_SEC02 (Edit Prices for Fin. Instruments)
/BA1/F4_SEC03 (Display Prices for Fin. Instruments)
/BA1/F4_SEV02 (Edit Volatilities)
/BA1/F4_SEV03 (Display Volatilities)
/BA1/F4_VOLA_TEST (Test Volatility)
/BA1/F4_YC_02 (Edit Yield Curves)
/BA1/F4_YC_03 (Display Yield Curves)
/BA1/F4_YC_SHOW (Display Yld Curves and Spread Curves)
/BCV/28000065 ()
/BCV/AUTH_CHECK (Perform Authorization Check)
/BCV/AUTH_HOLDER (Where-Used List of User Group in ACL)
/BCV/CONS_CHECK (Perform Consistency Check)
/BCV/DEL_PERS (Delete Personalization and User Data)
/BCV/DEL_SSHOT (Delete Snapshots)
/BCV/GRPING (Define Groupings for BCV Objects)
/BCV/IMG (Business Context Viewer Customizing)
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