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PSV2 (Dynamic Business Event Menu)
PSV3 (Dynamic Information Menu)
PSV4 (Set Plan Version)
PSV5 (Info: Attendances)
PSV6 (Reporting: Business Events)
PSV7 (Reporting: Resources)
PSV8 (Create Attendee)
PSV9 (Change / Display Attendee)
PSVA (Set Aspect)
PSVB (User-Specific Settings)
PSVC (Training and Events:Current Settings)
PSVE (Output Filter Business Events)
PSVI (User-Defined Settings)
PSVL (Set Business Event Language)
PSVO (Change / Display Organizer)
PSVP (Dynamic Planning Menu)
PSVQ (Change / Display Organizer)
PSVR (Dynamic Resource Menu)
PSVS (Set Access)
PSVT (Dynamic Tool Menu)
PSW5 (Per.Repostgs in Actual for Projects)
PSWB (Execute Per.Reposting Plan Projects)
PT00 (Time Management)
PT00_M99_HRF (Time Statement)
PT01 (Create Work Schedule)
PT02 (Change Work Schedule)
PT03 (Display Work Schedule)
PT10 (Number Range Maintenance: PTM_DOCNR)
PT11 (Number Range Maintenance: PTM_QUONR)
PT12 (Number Range Maintenance: HRAA_PDOC)
PT40 (PDC Error Transaction)
PT41 (Customizing CC1 Communication Param.)
PT42 (Supply Personnel Data)
PT43 (Supply Master Data)
PT44 (Upload Request)
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