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PC00_M22_CHUS (SANTEI form data file (HU))
PC00_M22_CIDP (Life/accident ins. deduc. monthly)
PC00_M22_CIDS (Life/accident ins. deduc. Shoyo)
PC00_M22_CKTO (Payroll account)
PC00_M22_CLIA (Fixed labor insurance fee)
PC00_M22_CLJN (Payroll Journal)
PC00_M22_CLJN_NPSY (Payroll journal for NP Shoyo)
PC00_M22_CLJN_PPP (Payroll journal for monthly payroll)
PC00_M22_CLJN_SY (Payroll journal for Shoyo)
PC00_M22_CLJN_YEA (Payroll journal for monthly w/ Y.E.A)
PC00_M22_CLOG (Overview of Company Loans(Japan))
PC00_M22_CLSTGJ (Santei/Geppen evaluation results)
PC00_M22_CLSTR (Payroll results)
PC00_M22_CLSTY (Year End Adjustement results)
PC00_M22_CNRP (Non-resident payment report)
PC00_M22_CPFB (Shoyo payment form data file (PF))
PC00_M22_CPFG (GEPPEN form data file (PF))
PC00_M22_CPFS (SANTEI form data file (PF))
PC00_M22_CPRT (Payment report)
PC00_M22_CRES (Print Residence Tax Change)
PC00_M22_CRTS (Withholding tax state. ret. allow.)
PC00_M22_CRTX (Create resident tax payment datafile)
PC00_M22_CSHA (Summary list of Shoyo payment form)
PC00_M22_CSHB (Shoyo payment form data file (SI))
PC00_M22_CSHG (GEPPEN form data file (SI))
PC00_M22_CSHS (SANTEI form data file (SI))
PC00_M22_CSIB (Santei adjustment)
PC00_M22_CSIC (Santei form)
PC00_M22_CSIC_NT (Santei form August)
PC00_M22_CSIC_TKO10 (Santei form for October (Tokyo))
PC00_M22_CSIC_TKO8 (Santei form for August (Tokyo))
PC00_M22_CSIC_TKO9 (Santei form for September (Tokyo))
PC00_M22_CSID (Santei data)
PC00_M22_CSIE (Geppen form)
PC00_M22_CSIE_NT (Geppen form for August)
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