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AT24 (Create Group Asset Sub-Number (old))
AT81 (Create Old Group Asset (old))
AT82 (Change Old Group Asset (old))
AT83 (Display Old Group Asset (old))
AT84 (Display Old Group Asset Sub-No.(old))
AT91 (Create Old Asset (old))
AT92 (Change Old Asset (old))
AT93 (Display Old Asset (old))
AT94 (Create Old Asset Sub-Number (old))
ATC (ATC Administration)
ATC_A (ATC Administration)
ATC_F (ATC for FA)
ATP01 (Cancel/Delete Prod. Avail. Req.)
ATPC01 (Maintain number range for PAR)
ATPS (ATP Check: Send Customizing)
ATRA (ABAP Objects Runtime Analysis)
ATRANSGRP (Transaction Group Maintenance)
ATRA_E2E (ABAP Obj. Runtime Analysis for E2E)
AUFW (Maintain Revaluation Measures)
AUN0 (FI-AA Asset Summary)
AUN1 (FI-AA Asset Summary)
AUN10 (FI-AA Asset Summary)
AUN11 (FI-AA Asset Summary)
AUN2 (FI-AA Asset Summary)
AUN3 (FI-AA Asset Summary)
AUN4 (FI-AA Asset Summary)
AUN5 (FI-AA Asset Summary)
AUN6 (FI-AA Asset Summary)
AUN7 (FI-AA Asset Summary)
AUN8 (FI-AA Asset Summary)
AUN9 (FI-AA Asset Summary)
AUT01 (Configuration of Logging)
AUT02 (Configuration of Navigation Help)
AUT03 (Display Configuration)
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