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JV29 (IS-M: Display Shipping Schedule)
JV2SD01 (Synchronize Unloading Pts to SAP BP)
JV2SD02 (Create Contract Items for LES)
JV2SD03 (Synch. Drop-Offs for Purch. Qty Plan)
JV30 (IS-M: Bundling)
JV31 (IS-M: Container Packing)
JV34 (IS-M: Import Changes into ZEBU)
JV37 (IS-M: Set Order Deadline)
JV38 (IS-M: Init.Transfer of ZEBU Data)
JV40 (IS-M: List Shipping Problem Messages)
JV41 (IS-M: Create Shipping Prob.Message)
JV42 (IS-M: Change Shipping Prob.Message)
JV43 (IS-M: Display Shipping Prob.Message)
JV44 (IS-M: Evaluate Shipping Prob.Message)
JV45 (Postprocess Shipping Chars f.Deliv.)
JV46 (Display Shipping Chars f.Delivery)
JV47 (Edit Settlement Data f.Deliveries)
JV48 (Display Settlement Data f.Deliveries)
JV50 (IS-M: Edit ZEBU File)
JV51 (IS-M: Display ZEBU File)
JV55 (Create agent district)
JV56 (Change agent district)
JV57 (Display agent district)
JV59 (IS-M: Update Daily Delivery Stats)
JV60 (IS-M: Shipping Preparation for TMC)
JV61 (IS-M: Edit Planning Trigger)
JV62 (IS-M: Display Planning Trigger)
JV63 (IS-M: Copy Trigger Interval)
JV64 (IS-M: Completeness Check f.Planng)
JV65 (IS-M: Regen.Planng f.CircPlanning)
JV66 (Start Coll.Netchange Run Manually)
JV67 (IS-M: Shipping Prep.f.Insertion)
JV68 (IS-M: Shipping Prep.f.Distribution)
JV69 (Display Planning Trigger List)
JV72 (IS-M: Maintain ShDoc.Destinations)
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