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S_KI4_55000283 (Pay Scale Reclassification)
S_KI4_55000284 (Pay Scale Reclassification)
S_KI4_55000300 (Form 1042S Printing)
S_KI4_55000301 (Substantial Presence Test)
S_KI4_55000302 (EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) R)
S_KI4_55000303 (Substantial Presence Test)
S_KI4_55000304 (EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) R)
S_KI4_55000305 (Selection of Promotable Agents)
S_KI4_55000307 (Grade Promotion: Nomination to)
S_KI4_55000312 (Download Data Medium to Disk)
S_KI4_55000313 (HESA Reporting (Interface to ALV))
S_KI4_55000314 (USS Contributions (Interface to ALV))
S_KI4_55000315 (USS Salary Changes (Interface to ALV)
S_KI4_55000552 (Wage Type Assignment - Enhancd Leave)
S_KI4_55000607 (IMG Activity: OHAAOESV106)
S_KI4_55000608 (IMG Activity: OHAAOESV108)
S_KI4_55000609 (IMG Activity: OHAAOESV112)
S_KI4_55000610 (IMG activity: OHPSUSSICK22)
S_KI4_55000614 (IMG activity: PBS_AU_TIM_LA_060)
S_KI4_55000615 (IMG activity: OHPSUSNOA004)
S_KJ4_38000001 (IMG activity: PBS_00_1_1_101)
S_KJ4_38000002 (IMG activity: PBS_00_1_1_102)
S_KJ4_38000003 (IMG activity: HR_PBS_00_PW_1_1)
S_KJ4_38000004 (IMG activity: HR_PBS_00_01_1_1)
S_KJ4_38000005 (IMG activity: HR_PBS_00_02_1_1)
S_KJ4_38000006 (IMG activity: HR_PBS_00_PW_2_2)
S_KJ4_38000007 (IMG activity: HR_PBS_00_03_1_1)
S_KJ4_38000008 (IMG activity: HR_PBS_00_04_1_1)
S_KJ4_38000009 (IMG activity: HR_PBS_00_05_1_1)
S_KJ4_38000010 (IMG activity: HR_PBS_00_06_2_2)
S_KJ4_38000011 (IMG activity: HR_PBS_00_07_1_1)
S_KJ4_38000012 (IMG activity: HR_PBS_00_08_2_2)
S_KJ4_38000013 (IMG activity: HR_PBS_00_09_1_1)
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